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When doctors or researchers want to communicate case studies or other information to their colleagues, they write an article that is published in one of many scientific or medical journals. We accessed a list of journal articles through PubMed, the National Library of Medicine web site, and then obtained copies of the articles from a local university library. Some articles are available for free download from the publisher (they will have a link on the PubMed listing), but most require a fee to download or a subscription to the journal.   

However, if you don’t have access to a library or can’t download the articles, you can still get very good information by reading the abstracts. An abstract is a short description of what the article is about. If the author has written a good abstract, you should be able to discern the key points or conclusions of the author's research. 

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While there is a great deal of information online, be aware that not all of it may be accurate. Good research means reading from many sources, taking into consideration the authors, and evaluating the positions they are coming from. Is the author selling a product? Does the article attempt to discredit an industry? Does the author actively work in the specialty, or are they writing about medical conditions one day and sharing travel tips the next? Since journal articles are peer reviewed before publishing occurs, they are your best and most accurate source of information.  

References are listed in order of the most recent publication date 

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